* Allow to apply as Team (4 runners)/ 3 runners/ 2 runners and 1 runner. Organizer helps to complete the team.


Special Sponsor

Title Sponsor

Official Drinking Water Sponsor

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Commemoration project of The 130th Anniversary of Thailand and Japan Foreign Relationship

“Ayutthaya ”KIZUNA” EKIDEN 2017” was held to commemorate 130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Foreign Relationship at the beautiful World Heritage in Ayutthaya in March, 2017 with the support of Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, Mainichi Newspapers RKB Mainichi Corp.

EKIDEN was born in Japan 100 years ago. A sash called “TASUKI” is handed over from runner to runner to complete the race, this “TASUKI” is a symbol of unity and friendship, so called “KIZUNA” in Japanese. It was an honor to have an opportunity to conduct the Ayutthaya “KIZUNA” EKIDEN which this event symbolized the mutual friendship between Thailand and Japan.

Ayutthaya “KIZUNA” Ekiden 2019
Beyond 130 years of mutual friendship of Thailand and Japan

The focus is on “Beauty and Health” along with Ekiden. Target on fashionable women who are keen on health conscious from Japan to visit Thailand such as blogger who will be influencer for Thailand. They will be invited to participate in Ekiden, experience Thai massage, Thai health conscious cuisine, find Thai update fashion and goods. This is a perfect fit running tournament, set up under a charming ancient place that has a significant historical interest and also reflect a Thailand “Sport Tourism” aim.


January 12th, 2020

05.00 a.m.      Race Pack pick up
05.30 a.m.      Check in
06.00 a.m.      Opening Show
06.15 a.m.      Opening speech
06.30 a.m.      Flag off
07.00 a.m.      Monk offering
07.15 a.m.      1st Team finished (est. time)
08.00 a.m.      Award ceremony
  • 1st – 10th Trophy
08.30 a.m.      Mini Concert “Sweat16!”
09.00 a.m.      Finish



  • Team of 4 persons: 13.6 km
  • Apply 3 runners, 1 runner added by organizer: 13.6 km
  • Apply 2 runners, 2 runners added by organizer: 13.6 km
  • Apply 1 runner, 3 runners added by organizer: 13.6 km
  • After receiving ‘matching confirmation’ email, please contact with matched runner(s) by yourself.
  • In case cannot make matching team, organizer will refund the registration fee.
  • Registration CLOSED on November 30th, 2018 after 23.59 pm *


  • 1st leg runner of all teams starts at 06.30 am. Next leg runner must report to Marshall and standby at least 10 minutes before hand off.
  • RFID Race Timing System is used for this competition.
  • Use “Tasuki sash” as a “symbolic of baton” to hand off to the next leg runner. A runner must put on “Tasuki” sash all through the competition.
  • Only next leg runner is allowed in “hand off zone”.
  • Not allow to run/ cycling along with a runner as a supervisor.
  • Runner replacement is allowed only when a racing runner got an accident and cannot continue the race. However, a replacing runner must be the same gender and take 15 minutes penalty plus in race time.
  • A replacing runner must not be a member of any other teams.
  • Decision of the committee is final in any cases.

Remark: “Tasuki or BIB with Chip Timing” – In case of lost, forgot or damaged before competition starts, team will be 1,000 THB charged for a new “Tasuki or BIB with Chip Timing”.

Running Distance and Number of Round (3.4 km/ round)

  • 1st Runner runs 3.4 km
  • 2nd Runner runs 3.4 km
  • 3rd Runner runs 3.4 km
  • 4th Runner runs 3.4 km

Time Recording

  • This competition use RFID Race Timing System: Finish Time (Gun time) used as criteria.
  • Race time will be counted after the last leg runner passed Finish line.


  • Each team must submit Team name and Team member name list also to identify each leg runner in advance. NOT allow to change.

Race Pack Pick up

Time 1: 9th-10th January, 2019
  • Time: 10.30 - 18.00
  • Location: Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand)
    6th Floor; Shinawatra Tower III, 1010 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok
  • Tel: 02 949 2855
Time 2: 12th January, 2019
  • Time: 12.00 - 18.00
  • Location: Ayutthaya Tourist Center

  • NO Registration fee refunded in any cases.


  • Must be done within 30 mins. after passed Finish line by a runner only and must make a deposit of 3,000 Baht.
  • Decision of Marshall is final.
  • Any cheat intention will be considered as disqualified. Disqualified team will be expelled from the competition immediately.

Race Result








T-Shirt Size
Size Bust (inches) x Length (inches)
XS 34" x 25"
S 36" x 26"
M 38" x 27"
L 40" x 28"
XL 42" x 29"
XXL 44" x 30"



International Project Office
Person in charge : FUJITA

POSTAL CODE 100-8051 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ward Tokyo
TEL : +81-3-3212-1488
FAX : +81-3-3284-1604
Mobile : +81-80-8469-7186
Email : [email protected]


Asian Strategic Office
Person in charge : KINOSHITA

POSTAL CODE 814-85852-3-8 Momochihama Sawara-ward Fukuoka city Fukuoka prefecture
TEL : +81-92-852-6173
FAX : +81-92-852-6661
Mobile : +81-90-6492-8135
Email : [email protected]

Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Office
Person in charge : YOSHIZAWA

6th FI., Shinawatra Tower III, 1010 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
TEL : 02-949-2700 ext2801
FAX : 02-949-2776
Mobile : +66-81-255-5229
Email : [email protected]